Greenhouse Drawdown in the Yarra Ranges

“Think globally, act locally”

I’ve been talking about sustainability for years now – and been pretty active online as a commentator.   Now it’s time to take the business opportunities to my local community in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges.
With the generous support of Ranges Coworking, we’ve started a real world, real life conversation – talking to local business people about their opportunities for “doing well BY doing good”.   Every fortnight in Montrose, we get together and talk about the solutions and the business opportunities.

If you know someone who’d like to join the party, send them this link so they can find out when, where, etc:

Why now?  Because it’s time – and now we have the evidence of $74 trillion in opportunity identified by Project Drawdown’s research, we have a whole new place to start the conversation.

If building your business by reversing global warming sounds worth doing, don’t miss out on the fun.