A Finer Future

Our Finer Future – a progress report on the Regenerative Economy

 If there’s one book that hooked me into the opportunity side of sustainability, it’s Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, published in 1999.

When I read it in 2002, I was a Business Systems Analyst working in factories and warehouses around Melbourne – I knew from daily experience that there was massively more to be done than switching my TV off at the wall.

Jump forward 16 years, and 2018 brought me A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life.  It’s an update on our progress to date, along with what we’ve achieved and what we now know to do.  The lead author is one of the original Natural Capitalism authors, speaking from the experience of 20 years.A Finer Future

If you want great insight into where we’ve come from, why we’re here and where we can act to create a finer future for all of us than the one we’re facing, then invest in this report.

There is a massive transformation underway that will leave the Information Revolution looking small.  If you want a piece of the millions of jobs and the trillions in business opportunity, this highly readable book will help you understand where to look.

PS: The book included this back-casting piece from Alex Steffen, which is well worth 5 minutes.  
A talk given at a conservation meeting a hundred years from now…

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