Who’s #NotWaitingClimate ?

I heard it on the radio – a movement of “loopers” in the Type 1 diabetes community is building their own artificial pancreas, organising under the hashtag #wearenotwaiting.

And it made me wonder: What more could environmental advocates achieve if they went beyond (a sometimes intense) preoccupation with “making the government take action“?

What if advocates for reversing global warming ALSO knew about and advocated for the dozens of existing, scalable, evidence-based, no-government-required solutions we already have?

What would you hash tag as #NotWaitingClimate ???

It could be cities declaring an emergency AND starting a One Planet Cities program.

It could be communities getting serious about enabling renewable energy – like Totally Renewable Yackandandah.

It could be anyone acting on any of the 100 Project Drawdown existing, scalable solutions.

It could be lots of things…

What existing, scalable, profitable, actionable solutions would you get excited by ???