My work is about communicating new ideas and helping turn them into realities

I used to work as a supply chain consultant in factories, mines and warehouses. So I know how our "stuff" is made and delivered.

That's where I learned the critical importance of human communications and relationships.

For a time I was a professional coach and trainer, helping business
managers turn their plans into effective team action.

Now I write - for myself and for others – which gives me freedom to pursue my passion. I blog on sustainability and help businesses communicate more effectively online with web content and copy.

I’m an ideas junkie, combining new developments with old wisdom to deliver smarter solutions

I – mostly – live in the hills outside Melbourne (Australia, not Canada) and do regular road trips to explore the beauty of the outback.

I have a wonderful husband, a forest garden full of birds and an amazing coworking community.

I’ve been an owner builder, hands on for years in building our home in the hills and its bird-friendly garden.

I’m addicted to the written word, new ideas and the power of story telling.

I read sci fi, fantasy, innovation, sustainability, business development and communication in about equal amounts.


I’m hooked on the opportunity side of sustainability

I discovered the wealth positive, inspiring solutions side of sustainability back in 2002 when I first read Natural Capitalism.

I’ve been exploring sustainability, opportunity and innovation ever since- starting a blog at Balance3 in 2004.

In 2009, I wrote The Deep Green Profit Handbook as a short guide to the hidden business opportunities of sustainability - and now it's a FREE email course.

In 2021 I started podcasting - talking about the fun and opportunities of climate solutions on Regenomics Down Under.

Other projects are An Inconvenient Species, and Regenerative Business discussion groups on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Fresh From Twitter

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Also mentioned in The Business of Climate Solutions Space were
Project Drawdown (global climate solutions with peer reviewed evidence)
Project Regeneration (today's actionable climate solutions for individuals, communities, SMEs and regions)

In The Business of Climate Solutions Space we also talked about the Australian Circular Economy Hub. @dannyrus

What People Say

"Leigh was recommended to me by my website developer. I subsequently became aware that she actually worked on his website too, and that clearly worked as I had already hired him.  After two minutes of our first Skype conversation, I knew I had the right person. Leigh obviously has a business background and a broad range of experience and knowledge of all things commercial and very quickly was in tune with what I needed. I got the feeling that Leigh wasn’t just copywriting but truly cared how my new website would turn out, and that its success was as important to her as it is to me. Everything was delivered on time as promised, and I don’t think we had a single revision.  I highly recommend Leigh’s services, you will not be disappointed!"

Mark Oakley

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