My work is about communicating new ideas and helping turn them into realities

I used to work as a supply chain consultant in factories, mines and warehouses, getting new systems used by busy people.

I recognised the power of the human factor in successful innovation – the critical importance of communications and relationships.

Accredited Ontological CoachFor a time I was a professional coach and trainer, helping business managers turn their plans into effective team action.

Now I write for a living – which gives me freedom to travel. I specialise in pitching new ideas for innovative businesses, including web content and copy.

I’m also a cleantech enabler with MOSS, introducing new business strategies and technologies into the Asia-Pacific.

I’m an ideas junkie, combining new developments with old wisdom to deliver smarter solutions

I – mostly – live in the hills outside Melbourne (Australia, not Canada) and do regular road trips to explore the beauty of the outback.

I have a wonderful husband, a forest garden full of birds and an amazing coworking community

I’ve been an owner builder, hands on for years in building our home in the hills and its bird-friendly garden.

I’m addicted to the written word, new ideas and the power of story telling.

I read sci fi, fantasy, innovation, sustainability, business development and communication in about equal amounts.

I’m hooked on the opportunity side of sustainability

I discovered the wealth positive, inspiring solutions side
of sustainability back in 2002 when I read Natural

I’ve been writing on sustainability, opportunity and
for years.

In 2009, I wrote The Deep Green Profit Handbook as a
short guide to the hidden business opportunities of

I spread the good stuff about sustainability, innovation
delivery and regenerative business on social media.

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What People Say

“Before I hired Leigh I was struggling to find content writers that had the right voice for my brand and it took too many iterations to get it right. Now that Leigh writes my blog posts and the words for my site, all I have to do is give her an overview brief over Skype and supply the right assets / direction, then Leigh works her magic to turn my ideas into compelling copy that my that my audience love and share!! I recommend Leigh to my clients and they are happy with Leigh too =)

Greg Merrilees, Studio 1 Design Director