A quick “body hack” for sustainability change-makers…

Changing your body will change your effectiveness.

I found Amy Cuddy’s TED talk about this last week, then was reminded in a training session the other day that 93% of human communication is non-verbal:

  • 7% what you say
  • 38% tonality
  • 55% body language

So what your body says is the most powerful part of your communication – and it’s surprisingly easy to shift it.

Your body affects your effectiveness….

What’s NOT so well known, is that a key part of the communicating your body does is internal.  Research is showing that posture influences feelings.  So if your body is acting powerless, you’ll feel powerless.   The good news is that you can operate on how you feel and how you present by changing your body.

Fake it till you make it is ‘for real’…

So here’s a little formula to try.  Do this in private for two minutes, especially before socially challenging situations:

  1. Grin (hold a pen horizontally between your teeth to practice).

Here’s a great video by Amy Cuddy on “fake it till you become it”  for more information:

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