Are you interested in $trillions in opportunity?

Are you looking for business development opportunities?  If you’ve been ignoring  sustainability because you’ve been sold the “cost” myth, here are some recent reports that could give you new insights and innovation possibilities:

Last updated: 8 May 2020

€1.8 trillion total benefits from resource productivity
by 2030 from The Circular Economy enabled by Information Technology in Europe (April 2018)

$74 trillion savings in costs avoided over 30 years by delivering the Project Drawdown plan. (April 2017)

$12 trillion of private sector opportunity by 2030 from delivering on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. (January 2017)

1.5C Business Playbook which focuses on 36 solutions which can be scaled with simplicity and speed, and are aimed at transforming the economy.

Goldman Sachs 2019 Sustainability Report discusses why they’ve made a clear commitment to deploy $750 billion in sustainable financing, investing and advisory activity by 2030

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