NETWORKS - Interface Regenerative Business reprocessing fishing nets

Set your internal program guide to the positive

Recent research into how our brains work is increasingly proving we see what we’re looking for – not always what’s actually there.

The continuing story of InterfaceFLOR’s sustainability journey is a great positive to tune in to, as told in their recent update on how they’re building community wealth in the Pacific by turning old fishing net into new carpet tiles.

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) that controls what we observe can be re-oriented by some conscious reprogramming, so it’s worth taking it off ‘automatic’ and giving it positive exercise. The more we look for win/win/win opportunities to renew communities, regenerate ecosystems and create value, the more we’ll find.

If your mood needs some managing, then take some time out to find yourself some sources of good news. You may find yourself inspired to become an ecopreneur – or you may find a local ecopreneur to support and encourage.

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Adapted from “Set your internal program guide to the positive…” in September’s issue of Regenerative Thinking in Action.

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