Beyond sustainability – the REGENERATION game just levelled up

I’ve been writing and talking about regenerative business and innovation for many years.

The game is now going to a whole new level, as Paul Hawken’s latest initiative – Project Regeneration – launched early in October 2021.

The book that introduces the project, the regeneration mindset AND the online action nexus – Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation – became a best seller in just days.

If you want a piece of the highly rewarding action, then this is a must-read, whether you dive into the ebook today or wait impatiently for your hands-on copy.

It’s easy to be fooled into “it’s for the big guys”

The solutions we already have (catalogued in Hawken’s previous work on Project Drawdown) are full of job, business and community development opportunities. They DON’T need us to wait and worry while we wait for international agreements and government policy changes.

So if you’re tired of being a frustrated, worried watcher then Project Regeneration is for you. If you’re not up for spending US$15.99 on the ebook without knowing more, then find a video or podcast to get some background.

Don’t just read – ACT

The Project Regeneration website isn’t just a plug for the book – it’s a hub for action. So if you’re after practical climate action, put it on your action list and check back regularly as it grows.

Listen in to Paul Hawken in conversation

There are already several recorded conversations out there – here’s a pair that I like from Australia’s Regen Narration podcast:

“The game’s afoot!”Sherlock Holmes

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