We have the technology…

… to design regenerative supply chains.

Back in the 20th century, “sustainable” products, processes and services were expensive, difficult and unreliable. But that was then….

There’s been a wealth of solutions developed over recent decades to deliver real, practical, efficient, sustainable supply chains.  The technology is inherently cleaner, smarter and more efficient than the one-way, resource-intensive systems we inherited from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Drawing down greenhouse gasesDrawdown

Environmental entrepreneur and activist Paul Hawken has identified that – just by using the technology we already havewe could start pulling greenhouse gasses OUT of the atmosphere by 2050.   His list of 100 opportunities to take action now is a great starting point for anyone looking for business development opportunities.

Systemic design for a new economy

Back in 2010, entrepreneur Gunter Pauli surveyed over 3,000 emerging technologies and shortlisted 100 high potential innovations that could deliver real commercial and environmental results.  Implemented systemically and systematically, they have been proven to deliver business growth, community development AND ecosystem regeneration.

Change your thinking, grow your business, renew your ecosystem and restore your community

“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!”  – Ella Fitzgerald

The opportunities we see are limited by the way we think.  Once you “get” the new models, mindsets and technologies the game you play will change.  You’ll tune in to new mindsets and find exciting new solutions – from 3D ocean farming to commercial air-conditioning efficiency.

Don’t get caught waiting for someone powerful to rescue you, whether its a mad scientist or a benevolent government.   The name of the game is “supply chain” – and there’s opportunity for all.

Want to find your best opportunities?

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