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Deep Green Profit – from Handbook to INSIGHTS

Back in 2009, I wrote a deliberately small, green book called The Deep Green Profit Handbook.

Why? Because the business opportunities coming out of Regenerative Business development and design were awesome. But the best and most exciting books on the growth of Regenerative Business were just a bit TOO big for a lot of people – especially those doing the amazing but demanding work of running an SME company.

How big? One conservative estimate says US$80-115 trillion globally.

The principles behind the book are still valid – but the examples I used have NOT all dated well. And the SME opportunities are bigger than ever before.

Yet we’re still being flooded with mainstream messages about top-down solutions from “big government and big business” – so you could be forgiven for thinking there’s no place for SMEs.

There are big opportunities out there – IF you know how to look for them

I started to think seriously about a “revisited” version of the book at the start of 2021. However I had some dilemmas:

  1. How can I keep the examples up-to-date when the rate of regenerative business innovation is accelerating?
  2. Am I actually sure that there’s enough different to make a new book worthwhile?
  3. Is waiting while I work through the whole publishing thing a great idea?

So like a lot of dilemmas, I’ve found a compromise.

I’ve written an emailer series – the INSIGHTS – about how to look for the opportunities

As an email series, I can continue to polish what I have. I can also grow and organise my collection of Sources, Resources and Stories – and share them with those interested.

That means that you can be reading about the updated principles and the exciting new examples today. (and even download the original if you’re curious about my journey.)

Meanwhile I can work through my other dilemmas. Writing the book Deep Green Profit REVISITED could be fun – so maybe it will happen.

In the meantime, you can get a free “plain business” introduction to the biggest business opportunity in human history. If that sounds like something you want to know more about, head over to the Deep Green Profit website and register for the email series.
Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS

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