Printable chair

DIY printable furniture ships as information, not parts

Interesting implementation of Regenerative Business Principle #1 – There are no products, only services.

“If your modular furniture from IKEA was fashioned from wood harvested on one continent, cut and finished on another, and shipped to yet a third, that’s not exactly sustainable. That’s why design firm Filson and Rohrbacher decided to replace actual furniture with its evanescent, Platonic ideal: pure information. Download the computerized machine-ready plans at their website and you can use them to build just about anything out of anything.

The concept behind this furniture series, which the firm calles AtFAB, is simple: Give a man a chair and he has a chair, but teach him to chair and he will be LIKE UNTO A CHAIR GOD. Want to build that chair out of lexan or particle board or, what the heck, aircraft-grade aluminum? Here, have 20. Or a million. Or whatever: All the plans are licensed under a Creative Commons license, so go nuts. Use ‘em as is or remix them to your taste.”Printable chair

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