Regenerative business collaboration

Sustainability and coaching

Business and sustainability

Business has traditionally tended to treat environmental issues as an additional overhead to the production of quality products.

Recently, a variety of businesses of different sizes in different industries have found that a more pro-active, creative approach can actually IMPROVE the bottom line. Done well, sustainability is PROFITABLE.

Business coaching

Sustainable business collaborationBusiness coaching is an emerging professional service that creates an ongoing structure for business principals and their employees to improve their performance as individuals and in the team environment:
– Identifying clear goals for personal and business improvement; and
– Identifying and implementing the behavioural and process changes necessary to achieve them.

Coaching complements training

Research shows that, in general, 20% of the information in a training course is effectively taken back to the workforce and used. When training is followed up with coaching, this has been shown to improve to 80%.

Sustainability and coaching

Long term environmental sustainability requires individuals and business to:
– Set challenging new goals.
– Apply some seriously creative thinking to achieving those goals.
– Increase the time frame and scope of traditional decision making.
– Learn new information, processes and methods.
– Change habitual behaviour and thinking patterns.

Sustainability coaching

We offers Sustainability Coaching as a service to entrepreneurial, forward-thinking businesses who want to improve their Triple Bottom Line – their Return On Investment on the Social, Environmental and Economic Capital they use in their business activities.

The aim of Sustainability Coaching is to get all levels of the business asking:

“How can we increase our profitability BY improving the environment AND developing the community in which we operate?”

Tune in to what sustainability could mean for your industry – the new opportunities it could offer you – and increase your ability to “do well by doing good”.

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