Talking Drawdown and optimism with

I’m a writer by inclination, so getting behind the microphone on a regular basis is still on my to-do list.

Fortunately, I hooked up with podcaster Mark Spencer from a little while ago.  He’s demystified the process and featured me in a recent Cimactic podcast.

We had an awesome conversation about the solutions side of sustainability, from The Blue Economy to Project Drawdown.

If you’d like to listen instead of read for a change, here’s your opportunity…

Climactic Podcast

For a shiny new podcast, the Climactic guys are finding some awesome contributors.

Do you want to report on the solutions, instead of being a worried watcher?

Climactic is looking for interviews and correspondents across Australia and the South Pacific region who want to be part of democratising climate change communication.

Radio or journalism experience would be valuable – but Climactic are happy to work with people keen to learn as well.

Get in touch through their Contact page:

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