Two quick tools for change-makers

Whether you’re considering doing a Regenerative Thinking in Action program; setting personal objectives for the next year; or planning some quiet world changing, here are two tools to kick-start your thinking.

Each has a more detailed version for you to download and explore.

Beginning with a WELL-FORMED end in mind…

These five quick questions will help you to double-check the quality of the objectives that you’re setting:

  1. Is it an ENDS goal, or have you been trapped into thinking that the process of getting there IS the goal?
  2. Is it a VALUES based goal with at core of passion to power it? What does your goal mean to you in your life and WORK?
  3. Is it a POSITIVE GOAL, or are you describing reducing or avoiding something?
  4. Is it a goal you can make a MOVIE about in your head – or a vague concept? What will you be seeing, hearing and feeling when you achieve your goal?
  5. Is your goal an INTEGRATED goal? Will it work well in the whole of your life?

Download the worksheet here…

Dimensions of change-making…

Depending on the context of the objectives you’re setting, you can miss out on some key dimensions of change-making. This quick quadrant model can yield some key insights as you explore the nature of the change you seek to create in the world:

Dimensions of change-making

Download the model here…

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