If you can talk, you can change the world…

There’s a proverb from Zimbabwe that my singing teacher quoted a lot:

“If you can walk you can dance.
If you can talk you can sing.”

Not so many years ago, how humans went about the business of behaviour change was pretty much a mystery.  Those who could do it and do it well were considered to have ‘a way with people’.

To me, one of the truly great advancements in knowledge of the late 20th and early 21st centuries is the understanding of human behaviour change.  

A broad range of studies from marketing to philosophy to ontology to neurobiology have been developing new insights into how innovations are adopted.

Forget invention – we have all the solutions we need!


After some inspiring stories from a recent edition of Fast Co-Exist, I’ve been reminded that we have a wealth of creative types coming up with brilliant ideas.  All the solutions we need already exist – what’s needed is implementation.  It’s a learnable skill – and it could be what you need to turn your ideas into action.

“The art of the future is the art of implementation”  

– Gunter Pauli

So today, if you can talk then you can change your world

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