Immediate climate action options for all

Any public health educator worth their paycheck knows that you HAVE to do more than push fear and deprivation. If all you do is tell people “catastrophe is coming” and “the authorities need to act” then you’re probably creating helplessness and disengagement.

You get the best “bang for buck” when you give them achievable, personal actions that they can take immediately – especially action where they can make their world better TODAY.

5 solutions sets to generate action instead of helplessness

Project Regeneration – for individuals, communities, regions and SMEs

Serial sustainability entrepreneur Paul Hawken has been exploring the solutions space since his first bestseller in 1993 The Ecology of Commerce. His latest initiative is Project Regeneration – a growing website full of climate solutions action lists for individuals, communities, regions and SMEs.

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Action at work – the world of climate jobs

There are thousands of good climate jobs emerging – and job boards to support them. One useful one is ClimateBase – even if you just read through the employer lists to marvel at the wealth of solutions.

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Making your current job a climate job

Project Drawdown has been modelling and documenting the top global climate solutions already scaling since 2014. In 2021 they published Climate Solutions at Work .

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WorkForClimate has resourcs that can help you 10x your impact by guiding you through the steps required to take climate action at work.

Work for climate - resources for corporate employees

Project Drawdown’s – Top Global Solutions

Project Drawdown is an independent foundation modelling the evidence-based climate solutions advanced enough to have peer-reviewed supporting data sufficient for global modelling. Download the Drawdown Review for an explanation of their work, then watch for updates. (In July 2022, they added an extra 11 solutions to their model, brining the total to 93 solutions scaling globally.)

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