One Planet Cities guide for local government

Local government – potential One Planet world-changers

I’ve never really been convinced that national government policy change is sufficient to deal with global warming.  Any action they take is a long way away from the people designing, building and delivering the products and services we use every day.

I’ve found local and regional action to be extraordinary – and the development of the One Planet Cities program documents this approach to grass roots change-agency.

The recent book One Planet Cities by David Thorpe bring together key sustainability themes and how they can be applied to making cities sustainable and livable.

I was particularly inspired by this quote from the launch presentation slide deck:

We are not stuck in a “Tragedy of the Commons” – rather we are stuck in the belief that we are trapped in such a “Tragedy of the Commons,” waiting unnecessarily for others to act first….

It does not require the end of capitalism (which would take too long) but a new way of evaluating how money is spent.

If your “thing” is local sustainability and community-building, then it could be worth exploring whether this guide book could help you make the case for the change you want to see in the world.

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