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Newfield InstituteWhat’s coaching got to do with Regenerative Business?   In a collaboration with Alan Sieler of Newfield Institute, we explored this question in October 2010.  The detail has changed, but the value proposition hasn’t:

A business opportunity for coaches

We believe that Regenerative Business Coaching is an emerging area of business for ontological coaches and other forms of coaching. A significant challenge for organisation personnel who are committed to shifting the organisation’s mindset, be they senior leaders, middle managers or supervisors, is influencing others. Successful influencing requires excellent communication, and here is where coaching becomes relevant.

Ontological Coaching gets to the heart of how people function, learn and change. Ontological coaches facilitate advocates of regenerative business to become highly skilled communicators – able to communicate respectfully and clearly to assist people develop constructive new ways of thinking and behaving. However, Ontological Coaching on its own is not likely to provide sufficient support for advocates of regenerative business.

Being a regenerative business coach requires developing a new business sensibility, one that includes and goes beyond a traditional understanding of business. By developing a detailed working familiarity with the principles of regenerative business that are increasingly being applied to business locally and globally, the coach is in a position to speak the appropriate business language with clients as the basis for enhancing their communication and influencing skills.

The net result can be the development of personnel who will lead the shift to a regenerative economy, enabling businesses engage with their communities and the environment in new and innovative ways.”

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