Surfing towards the future - Fernando Flores

Major New Fernando Flores Work Product

As one of the big thinkers behind the development of Ontological Coaching, Fernando Flores is always worth reading.  This article is particularly relevant to environmental sustainability and regenerative business:

“Fernando Flores has just delivered a major report to the nation of Chile on the subjects of innovation and preparing for the future. In English, SURFING TOWARDS THE FUTURE: CHILE ON THE 2025 HORIZON, explores “strategic orientations for innovation” for the nation over the coming decades. The document, and the work of preparing it, comes from the Chilean National Council on Innovation for Competitiveness, under Flores’ leadership.

In a blog posting reprinted in The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal, Irving Wladawsky-Berger praised the report for its creation of a new historical background for understanding and interacting with innovation. You can read his comment by clicking this title: Wall Street Journal_Innovation as a Journey Into the Future.”

Read Chauncey Bell’s full post here…

Surfing towards the future

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