The Blue Economy – Applying Nature’s MBA

I’ve been catching up with The Blue Economy over the holidays – enjoying Gunter Pauli’s list of 100 practicable, income-generating innovations based on Nature’s design principles (Mastery of Brilliant Adaptation).  If you haven’t heard of The Blue Economy, here’s an introduction by its founder Gunter Pauli.

I find The Blue Economy’s approach to localised development – using local resources to meet local needs –  extremely satisfying.   I like that it uses Systemic Design.  It has a researched list of over 100 leading edge, biomimicry-based solutions that adds an extra depth to what it offers.

The entrepreneurial spirits among you might like to explore some of the 100 innovations given a stamp of approval by leading sustainability think tank The Club of Rome:

Adapted from Regenerative Thinking in Action, February 2014.

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