What if you wrote your sustainability proposals like a copywriter?

OK, so you’ve got a proposal for a sustainability project that needs approval. Before you dive into your usual approach, take a moment to ask yourself:

“How would a copywriter approach this?”

The business of copywriting is to sell something to someone.  Some professional people can get upset about this – yet a proposal is an internal selling process.  So how WOULD a copywriter start a new piece of work?  They’d ask question like:

  • Who is my specific target audience?
  • What is the problem I’m fixing for them?  What pain are they currently experiencing?
  • What are the problems that my target audience will continue to experience if they don’t take action?
  • What’s the solution I’m proposing to fix their problem?
  • What are the beneficial results (that my target audience cares about) that they will experience?
  • What are the features of my solution that will deliver those benefits?

Learn how to engineer an offer for increased success

There’s a known and proven knowledge base on “offer engineering” that forms the words on the websites that you visit every day.   A lot of introductory material is free or quite low-cost.

Next time you have an offer to make to your organisation or your customers, it could be worth exploring the WAY you’re writing WHAT you’re writing to increase your conversion rate.

Einstein is quoted as define insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If you’re not getting the results you want in your proposals, it could be worth exploring new tools and practices.

So use your favourite search engine to explore for free copywriting techniques and courses.

A couple of good starting points are:

  1. Robert Cialdini’s best seller INFLUENCE: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION
  2. Oren Klaff’s PITCH ANYTHING
  3. Donald Miller’s BUILDING A STORY BRAND

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