Problem solving through communication

White Roche takes the positive sustainability challenge

Saving paper saves money and the environment

Problem solving through communicationLilydale accountancy and financial services group White Roche and Associates has taken up the positive sustainability challenge, working with Balance3 to make positive sustainability part of their long term strategy.

Environmental issues were added to their regular planning meeting in May 2005. Their first focus was paper – a substantial cost in an accounting practice, especially when printer consumables and waste disposal costs are considered. A procedural review identified that they could reduce their paper usage by 30%. There was a productivity gain as well, as the procedures ended up simpler and shorter. A trial of 35% recycled paper is also underway.

In the pipeline

White Roche has other initiatives in the pipeline for its new financial services offerings, and is also including sustainability objectives in their 3-5 year business plan.

No rocket science required

White Roche demonstrates some of the core principles about becoming more sustainable:
– Significant benefits can come from smart thinking and simple changes.
– Sustainability is a business opportunity for cost savings and process improvements.

Congratulations to Graham White and the team at White Roche for their great first step, and the forward thinking and commitment they have shown. €

(First published in Balance3 Update, July 2005. White Roche is continuing to thrive, now under the name The Compass Group.)

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