The Upcycle - regenerative economics

Going beyond Cradle to Cradle – The Upcycle…

I was inspired by ‘Cradle to Cradle’ when it first came out – as a business analyst in the manufacturing game it just made so much sense. Good to see a followup – “The Upcycle” is going on my reading list – after I get through “The Blue Economy”.

The UpcycleAs an Ontological Practitioner who believes that we create new realities by describing them, to me these books are a celebration of the ongoing emergence of Regenerative Business.

It’s like the tide starting to come in over sandflats – a trickle here, a trickle there.  It doesn’t look much individually, but add it to stories like the major $$$ performance improvements of UK DIY retailer B&Q and to me there’s a trend emerging – one that started over two decades ago.  When you get players like B&Q facilitating consumer carbon footprint reduction, it looks like it has potential to accelerate.

What’s your evidence that the tide might have already turned?  Do you know what you’re looking for as evidence of positive change?

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